Thursday, February 18, 2021

Email Marketing


What is Email Marketing

Email marketing is the process by which one creates a form on a lead capture page, blog or website which asks the reader for name, email address and other information in which the person wishes to know about the reader.  If they choose to fill out this form, they will receive updates and information from the one wishing to use email marketing as a lead generation tool.  All major retailers in 2021 use this same technique.  When shopping either online or in store, they as for the email address of the shopper.  After a time, the shopper will begin receiving updates, bargains, deals and other information from the retailer that keeps them coming back to the store.  The results that a company has using email marketing depends a great deal on the quality of the emails.  Most people do not respond well to spamming techniques.  They do respond well to offers, images and other information within emails that generates interest.

Below, find an example of the lead capture page along with an email marketing system.

Email Made Better!

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